Guinness Press is committed to the long-term preservation and accessibility of the scholarly work published in our journals. We follow a robust archiving policy to ensure that all published content remains available and accessible for future generations of researchers, scholars, and readers.

Key aspects of our archiving policy include:

Digital Preservation: We employ advanced digital archiving techniques to safeguard our content against technological obsolescence or data loss.

Third-Party Archives: We collaborate with reputable third-party archival services to ensure redundancy and further secure the preservation of our published materials.

DOI Permanence: Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) assigned to our publications are registered with CrossRef, providing a permanent and stable link to each article.

Backup and Redundancy: Multiple copies of our archived content are maintained in geographically distributed locations to safeguard against unforeseen events.

For more details or specific inquiries regarding our archiving policy, please contact us.