Article Correction

This policy outlines the procedures for correcting factual, typographical, or other errors in published articles. It applies to all articles published by Guinness Press.

Correction Types:

Corrections may include:

  • • Factual inaccuracies
  • • Typographical errors
  • • Grammatical mistakes
  • • Acknowledgment issues
  • • Ethical concerns
Initiating Corrections:

Corrections may be initiated by the author(s), editorial team, or readers who identify a potential issue. Authors are encouraged to contact the editorial team promptly if they identify any necessary corrections.

Submission Of Corrections:

Corrections should be submitted in writing to the editorial team via email or through the designated correction submission form on the publication’s website.

The editorial team will review all correction requests to ensure their validity and relevance. In cases where a reader suggests a correction, the editorial team will conduct an independent verification process.

Correction Decision:

The editorial team will decide on whether to accept or reject the correction request. If accepted, the correction will be made in accordance with the nature of the error.

Correction Implementation:

Corrections will be implemented promptly and accurately. The corrected version of the article will be updated on the publication’s website, and a notice will be added at the beginning or end of the article indicating the correction.


The author(s) will be informed of the correction and its implementation. If initiated by a reader, the decision on the correction will be communicated to them.

Record Keeping:

A log of all corrections, including the nature of the correction, date of implementation, and personnel involved, will be maintained for internal records.

CrossMark Link:

Clicking on the CrossMark logo will tell you the current status of a document and may also give you additional publication record information about the document.